Participants info

We live in a time where the organisation of events is uncertain. COVID-19 has forced the whole world to make all kinds of adjustments.

This protocol is written for all parties involved in the Open Dutch Sailing Championships 2020. The measures and guidelines made by the government are initiated to insure the health of every participant.

We focus entirely on a smooth running of the competition, in which the sport is most important.

We do not expect any visitors. For that reason there are no special measures for visitors. Parents and supervisors (except for coaches and volunteers) are not welcome in the competition area.

If rules needs to be adjusted during the event for safety reasons, this will be done by the Corona responsible, appointed by the organisation. All directions and adjustments must be followed. Violation of this can lead to exclusion of participation.


Participants can register until September 9th. Registration on site is not possible. After the registration is submitted, a confirmation of registration is sent immediately. This is not a guarantee of participation.

When the registration is closed, the definitive list of participants is made. All participants will receive a confirmation of participation.

No confirmation of participation means no participation in the ODSC. The limit of the number of participants has then been reached.

Participants from high risk areas according to the Dutch government are excluded from participation. Please click here for a further explanation.

Participants will receive a health check 48 hours before the start of the competition with a couple of questions they need to answer. Below are the questions that need to be answered.



Question 1 Have you had one or more of the following (mild) health complaints in the past 24 hours: cold, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough, chest tightness, increased body temperature, fever and/or sudden loss of smell or taste ?
Question 2 Do you currently have a housemate or family member with a fever and/or shortness of breath?
Question 3 Have you had or have you been diagnosed with the new coronavirus in the past 7 days (determined by a laboratory test)?
Question 4 Do you have a housemate or family member with the new coronavirus (determined by a laboratory test) and have you had contact with this housemate or family member in the last 14 days while he/she still had complaints?
Question 5 Are you in home isolation because you have had direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the new coronavirus?
Question 6 Have you been, or have you been in contact with someone who has been in an orange/red area in the last 14 days according to the Dutch goverment. Please click here for more information

If one or more questions are answered with YES, this person can not participate in the ODSC. This also applies for coaches and trainers.


There are three locations where boats are stalled and enter the water. The exact locations will be indicated by signs:

Event terrain at the ramp

  • Laser standard
  • Laser Radial
  • Finn
  • Contender

In the port on several docks. The boats enter the water by crane

  • Etchell
  • J22
  • Yngling
  • SB20
  • Elliot

Regatta beach

  • 49er
  • 49erFX
  • Dart18
  • F18
  • F16
  • Foiling surf boards
  • Nacra15
  • 29er
  • RS Feva

Procedure of arrival and parking


Starting on Thursday participants can take their boats to the designated locations. The crane is available for participants with keelboats. After boats have been placed at the right spot or have entered the water, the trailer needs to be placed in the designated location. These locations are indicated with signs.


Cars can be parked in the parking spots in front of the Regatta Center and in the trailer area. Cars can not be parked on top of the dike next to the road. If the parking lot is full, cars must be parked at the Radboud Castle.

Regatta Center and sanitation

The Regatta Center is only used by the organisation during the ODSC. Participants are not allowed inside to prevent the Center from being to crowded, except from the toilets and service desk. It is most important for everyone to keep a distance to each other of at least 1,5 meters at all times.

The changing rooms in the Regatta Center are not available, therefore changing will take place at home or at the parking lot.

There are more toilets available at the Regatta beach and can be used by participants. Here too, a distance of 1,5m must be kept at all times.


This year there are a limited number of camping spots. These spots must be reserved prior to the start of the event. Marcel Hanenberg is in charge of the reservations.

Tel: +31 (0) 227 547781

There are 30 camping spots available for campers and 10 spots for tents. The camping spots are exclusively available for participants of the ODSC. While submitting for a camping spot, guests receive information about the facilities and how to deal with the Corona measures at the terrain.

Entering the water

The organisation will indicate when boats may enter the water. This is based on flags and sound signal conform the NOR/SI. Outside of this period, entering the water is not allowed. This way entering the water will be regulated.

Coming ashore after the first day of sailing

When the last race is finished, participants will come ashore. Afterwards, participants will load their boats on the trailers and leave the terrain. The race leaders of the laser track and the High Performance track keep in touch about the ending of the races. They will make sure that all the participants will not come ashore all at once. Volunteers will be present to assist with this process.

Coming ashore after the last race

When all the races are finished, all participants will come ashore and load their boats on the trailers. The organisation will then request the participants to leave the terrain.

A crane list is made for all keelboats, showing the order in which the boats must be hoisted out of the water.

Results and announcements

All the results and announcements for participants will be placed on the website. WhatsApp will also be used to communicate important announcements.

Award ceremony and photos

There will not be a general award ceremony. Instead there will be smaller ceremonies after ever race finish per category.

Photos will be placed on the ODSC Facebook page.


During the event participants will have to take care of their own breakfast and lunch. Restaurant “Med” is opened according to their current regulations. Please note that the space is limited and that reservations must be made. Reservations can be made online via:

Authorizations of the organisation

The organisation is authorized to:

  • Stop or adjust ongoing activities
  • Supervise the abidance of the rules

Sanction: When participants, coaches, parents etc. do not abide by the rules, the organisation is authorized to exclude them from the competition.