[VIDEO] Young talent versus experienced sailor

A unique moment at the Open Dutch Sailing Championships. We've found the youngest participant, Joesephine Holtz (13) and the oldest participant, Rodrick Casander (74), and put them together. This resulted in a nice discussion between the Laser 4.7 sailor and the Finn sailor.

Josephine: "I've only sailed for 6 months in the Laser 4.7. At the moment most important for me is to make as many hours in the boat as possible. I'm not aiming for a high result this event, as long as I'm enjoying myself on the water, I'm happy."

Rodrick: "Great to hear her say such a thing, it's so important to have fun out there. For me the biggest drive comes from ending up in front of those young guys as the oldest person in the fleet." Video in Dutch:

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