Experienced sailors and young talent crowned as Dutch Champion sailing

After three days of sailing in Medemblik we've crowned seven new Dutch Champions and eight Class Champions. A total of 302 participants appeared at the starting line this weekend. The participants faced different weather conditions in which a worthy championship could be sailed.

The experienced sailors and the talents had a change to prove themselves last weekend. During the Sailors Barbecue on Saturday night, the sailors had a lot to discuss.

Pieter Jan Postma has a strong come back in the Finn
Back into the Finn is Pieter Jan Postma. And how, he sails a perfect event, finishing first overall. Postma: "It's great to be back here at the open Dutch Sailing Championships in Medemblik. The first day wasn't my best day of the event. With not a lot of wind, I've just tried some stuff. The past two days were better, here I was able to finish in front of the fleet race after race." Postma had made a definite come back into the Finn, altough he still likes to race in other classes. "Last week I've sailed the Dutch Championship Lemsteraak [red. and won], next week I'll sail my M32 for about ten days again. It's so great to sail together with other people in the Finn, I've been learning so much of all those people, and still do. I'm aiming for another Olympic campaign, that's still such a big dream."

Number two in the Finn is Tijmen Rootselaar and surprisingly third is Niels Broekhuizen. Normally a Laser Standard sailing, trying something different for one event.

Yuri Hummel unbeatable in the Laser Standard
He is unbeatable in the Laser Standard fleet. If you look at Yuri Hummel's results this weekend, all you see is first places. "That was my goal for the weekend. Today Stijn Paardekooper did make it difficult for me, but I managed to stay in the lead."

Stijn Paardekooper takes hoe the silver, he sailed a strong last day taking over the second place from Serge Kats. Kats ends up in third place overall.

Akkerman makes it difficult for herself in the Laser Radial
In the Laser Radial class the total result is only decided in the last two races. Huub Kok and Mirthe Akkerman start the last day with an equal score. Kok dissapears from the leaderboard during the day, Akkerman sails strong last two races with a third and first place and assures the Dutch title: "I've made it difficult for myself this weekend. My first day wasn't my best one and yesterday I had an disqualification due to an early start, so I couldn't afford a bad result anymore. With a big fleet you really had to fight for your spot. This made it a great event, I'm happy to bring home the Dutch title."

Thomas Westerhof claims silver and Sarah Bos finishes the event in third position overal.

Exciting till the end in the Yngling
In the Yngling class it was an exciting battle this weekend. It's not till the last game that the new Dutch Champion is decided. Yska Minks with Jaap Molenaar and Wouter Toornstra win the last race, this means they win the Dutch title. "It was exciting until the end, after the finish we were not sure who won. Very happy with this title, it is my fifth national title, 33 years ago I won it for the first time. Then they [red: Jaap Molenaar and Wouter Toornstra] were still in the Optimist."

Maarten Jamin and his team, Cristel Pessers and Jaap Smolders, end up in second place, only two points behind Minks. Reigning World Champion Kaj Moorman finishes third overal with his team Jasper Schuddeboom and Sam Peeks.

Tweede Nederlandse titel voor Contender zeiler Paul Verhallen
Paul Verhallen wint voor de tweede keer in zijn carriere de Nederlandse titel: “Ben blij met deze titel, zeker na vrijdag, dat was een slechte dag. Vandaag was er een goede wind voor mij, ik voer allemaal 1tjes. Had ook wel geluk met de winddraaiingen in mijn voordeel.”

Dirk Lafleur komt Verhallen op de laatste dag niet meer voorbij, hij eindigt op een tweede plaats. Rene Heynen vaart op de laatste dag knap de top 3 in en wint het brons.

Belgians in the top of F18 class
Belgians Patrick Demesmaeker en Gilles Tas can be satisfied about their event and winning the Dutch title. Demesmaeker: "We had good weather conditions with 12 to 20 knots". Tas agrees: "We had fine tuned the boat and were able to sail a nice serie at this event. This is what we came for!"

Father and son van Dam ended the event in second place. Frank de Waard and Jolbert van Dijk were here to defend their Dutch title, but went home with bronze.

Surprising winner after exciting finals Matchracen
Looking back over the weekend, you would think the Dutch Dirk-Jan Korpershoek and his team would take home the Dutch title. But the Polish team of Szymon Jablkowsi managed to beat the Dutch team in the finals. Korpershoek: "We've had an amazing weekend. Only today wasn't our best day, there was more wind then the days before and we couldn't get our game right in this wind. This second place really feels like a loss."

Jablkowski: "We expected Dirk-Jan to win the event, but today we managed better in the stronger winds and were a bit faster." The German Lars Hückstadt manages to claim his spot in the semi finals today. In the petit finals he manages to beat the team of Floris de Wit (NED) and takes home the bronze medal.

Van Driel easily Class Champion SB20
Besides the many Dutch Championships, there're also the Class Champions this weekend. In the SB20 it's Marco van Driel with Joost Assman and Martijn Worseling that easily takes the gold. They decide to skip the last race, the gap with number two (Martijn Buitenhuis, Mark Reigwein and Rosita Bakker) is big enough. Number 3 is Hein Ruyten with Frans van der Well and Evert Kroll.

Hedriksen and Wiebren gold in 29er class
It's a close top 3 in the 29er. Dolf Hendriksen and Wiebren de Vos manage to get in front on the last day and take the gold. Robbert Huisman and Gijs Zuidema finish in second place. Nynke Verwoerd and Ties Verploegh win the bronze medal.

Top 3 in 49er decided
The top 3 in the 49er was already decided on the start of race day 3, the only question was which order it was going to be. Pim van Vugt and Bart Lambriex secure the gold, Remy Oomens and Robin Becker take home the silver and bronze is for Lars van Stekelenborg and Scipio Houtman.

Strong win in 49erFX
Numbers 1 and 2 in the 49erFX have sailed a very strong event. Dewi Couvert and Elise de Ruyter took the lead after the first race, and didn't give this spot away during the event. Cecile Janmaat and Julia van der Vaart did the same with the second place. The only battle left to fight was the one for the bronze medal. Medemblikse Florine Bramervaer and Joris Waller end up winning this battle.

Lautier manages to keep the lead in J22
Jean-Michel Lautier, Denis Neves & Giuseppe d’Aquino manage to keep their lead on the last day of racing and claim gold. Gideon Mastenbroek with Anneloes Krikhaar, Liselotte Verdoorn and Rosemarijn Verdoorn secure silver. Jesper Overbeeke, Christiaan Feij and Michelle Koopmans end in third place overall.

Helmhout secures gold in Soling
Gabor Helmhout and his Finish crew: Eki Heinonen and Pasi Palmu, secured the gold before the last race of the event. Rudy den Outer with Pauck Knape and Theo de Lange take home silver and the Canadian Peter Hall, Casper van Drunen and Gord Devries fly home with the bronze medal.

Gigantic lead in Laser 4.7
Paul Hameeteman takes the gold in the Laser 4.7 with a lead of 33 points. Number 2 is Marissa IJben with 42 pints and the Belgian Jef Hinnekint secures bronze with 45 points.

International podium at the Nacra 15
They started a bit rusty, but after day 2 and 3 they claim the gold easily, the Dutch Laila van der Meer and Bjarne Bouwer. The German Jesse Lindstädt and Janneke Fock claim silver with 61 points and Swiss Arnoud Grange and Marie van der Klink end up in third place with 77 points.

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