Different weather conditions ensure worthy battle for Dutch Championships

The top sailors in each class start to appear at the top of the lists on day two of the Open Dutch Sailing Championships. There is a bit more wind compared to a day earlier, the shifts force difficult decisions for the sailors.

After a good day on the water, where all scheduled races are sailed, there is much to discuss during the sailors barbecue. Like a Contender sailor with the rigging loose during the races, a completely different top 3 in the Laser Radial and the F18 which sailed their first day.

Changing leaderboard in Soling
In the Soling class, Canadian Peter Hall took the lead on the first day. On day 2, Gabor Helmhout takes this lead over: "It is exciting in our class, Peter does not want to be in second place. I sail with two Finnish sailors, one of whom sailed the Olympics in my boat. It gives me plenty to learn this weekend." For the time being, Dutch Rudy den Outer and his team are in third place.

More youth at the ODSC
In the past two years, the Nacra 15 class has been growing in the Netherlands. Karel Begemann, coach of the Dutch sailors in this class: "We want more youth on the catamaran, it's a stable boat so good for less experienced sailors. The more experienced sailors are able to sail very fast on the Nacra 15. We have joined this event as a class because we already have a lot of Dutch boats and have a big field with the international boats." During the Open Dutch Sailing Championship there are 24 teams from 8 different countries on the course. The Dutch Laila van der Meer and Bjarne Bouwer lead the fleet after two days of sailing. Van der Meer: "Yesterday wasn't our best day, had to adjust a bit. Today went a lot better. The fleet is very strong, there are many participants who will also be sailing at the Youth Olympic Games in two weeks, just like us. Tomorrow we will do our best to keep the lead."

Not only in the Nacra 15 youth is stimulated, the High Performance Classes at the Watersport Federation selected 17 new sailors for the top sail academy. Some of them are racing here at the Dutch Championships.

In the 49erFX Dewi Couvert and Elise de Ruyter are still leading. Pim van Vugt and Bart Lambriex took over the lead in the 49er. In the 29er Nienke Verwoerd and Ties Verploegh show some strong racing, after two days we see them in the top of the fleet.

Dutchy takes over lead in Contender
British Chris Bohier took an early lead in the Contender class on Friday. The stronger winds make him drop down in the results.

Dutch Paul Verhallen takes over his lead: "I had a bad day yesterday due to the low winds. Today everything looks a lot different, it's shown in the results. I had a good day."

Battle for top 5 in Matchracing
Dirk-Jan Korpershoek will definitely race in the Semi Finals. For the number 2 to 5 it's still an exciting battle tomorrow. German Lars H├╝ckstadt: "Currently we're on fifth place and can't control the scores anymore. Tomorrow we just have to race good to stay in the top 5 and hope someone else makes a mistake."
Miles Jones (GBR): "We're racing very well. It's our second match racing event, before that we've never sailed as a team." Jones is in the top 5.

First day for F18
The F18 class started their Open Dutch Championships today. The Belgium team with Patrick Demesmaeker and Gilles Tas are leading after the first 4 races. Frank de Waard and Jolbert van Dijk are back to defend their Dutch title. Today they stick at a third place, father and son van Dam are in second place.

Leaders stay and leaders go in the Laser
Yuri Hummel strengthens his lead in the Laser Standard with only wins. He is leading now with a gap of 11 points to the number 2, Serge Kats. Stijn Paardekooper races into the top 3 with 20 points.

The British Arthur Farley was hoping for a top 5 in the Laser Radial after he took the lead on the first day. Today he has a more difficult day and drops to the 15th place. Mirthe Akkerman and Huub Kok both have 25 points and leading the fleet. Tomorrow two more races in which the Dutch Champions will be decided.

Paul Hameeteman leads in the Laser 4.7, he created a gap of 6 points between him and numer 2 Ties Wijbinga. Marissa IJben is in third place with 28 points.

Pieter Jan Postma back in the Finn
Pieter Jan Postma is sailing a good series so far in the Finn, on the second day he only scores first places. Second place for now is for Tijmen van Rootselaar, he sails a steady event so far. Niels Broekhuizen manages in these wind conditions, after two days he's on a third place.

Lautier surprised about leading in the J22
Jean Michel Lautier sails a strong event with his team in the J22. His lowest result is a tenth place, after race six today he discarded this race. "We were over the starting line to early yesterday, but today we could discard that race. We're surprised to be in first place, didn't sail a lot the past season. It's a bit tough for us to sail so many races in three days. But we'll definitely fight to stay on that first place tomorrow."

In the Yngling class day two is as exciting as the first day. The top 3 is completely swichted again after the first day. Maarten Jamin is leading, Yska Mins is on a second place and Marcel de Jong drops to a third place. The third day will be another exciting day for the Ynglings with only 4 points between number 1 and 3.

Top 3 in SB20 doesn't change
Marco van Driel expends his leading position in the SB20. He is now 6 points ahead of Martijn Buitenhuis. Third place is still for Hein Ruyten, the 3 races on Sunday have to decide how the definite top 3 will look like.

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